Drift Easy Y'all.

Our story

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Early morning boat rides, shore lunches,  tall tales and a couple of cold beers were all inspiration for a vision that eventually cultivated an opportunity to pursue a passion. Since 2014, Drift Fly Co has been diligent in the pursuit of the perfect drift, pounding the banks of southern tailwaters, creeks and streams across Arkansas and beyond. Our products are driven by these experiences, the outdoors and most importantly, fly fishing. 

Based in Memphis, TN our backyard runs from the Ozarks to Appalachia. Our values are deeply rooted in the delta, friendships and lifestyle that celebrates outdoor adventure and fly fishing in the South.


Thanks for floating with us, we look forward to seeing you on the river. DRIFT EASY.

Drift (verb): To be carried slowly by a current of air or water

Our Mission

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Often when we think of fly fishing we are captivated by images of a fly line, fully loaded behind an angler standing picturesquely in the river, false casting as he or she prepares to present his fly to unsuspecting fish. The reality is, even ugly casts catch fish IF you have the perfect drift. The perfect drift creates no ripples and flows with purpose. It isn’t aimless or misguided. It trusts the power of the current to take it where it’s supposed to go. We believe life is a lot like that and we’re here for the ride. 


Always mindful and quick to mend, our efforts are focused on good times, big fish and how we can play a part to ensure future generations have an opportunity to enjoy both. 

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